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Permanent ferrite

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    Now there are 40 to 70 places in each car to use permanent magnetic materials, the amount of about 5 kg, mainly as actuators, sensors, ABS, motor and audio systems. With the improvement of the automation degree of the automobile, the number of the motor is increased from 30 to more than 100. Typical applications such as: start motor, rain scraping motor, engine cooling fan motor, automatic door lock motor, automatic window lift motor, the top of the window opened motor, seat adjustment motor, motor of air conditioner, the headlight of motor, a reflective mirror correction correction motor, electric water pump, electric pump, electric curtains motor, head restraint position adjusting motor, rear seat tilt motor, a safety belt tensioning motor etc.. Because of the bad working environment of the automobile, the permanent magnet material used in the motor is mainly ferrite magnet. Such as the starter motor is mounted on the engine, in the face of high temperature, dust, salt spray humid, ferrite magnet is only applicable to; also requires high performance magnets and coercivity at least above 358kA/m and remanence for 430mT. Wiper motor while the magnetic can not start motor, but the flux changes in the high and low temperature is less than 5%, and volume is reduced, the need to remanence value of 450mT. Pump motor on the temperature requirements is not high, but on the physical properties of magnetic tile appearance and cleanliness and so demanding, does not allow pink, off angle, fragments appear. To further reduce the volume, the remanence is 460mT, magnetic energy product 33KkJ/m materials. These properties belong to the range of high-grade ferrite magnets, to further improve the performance, reduce the volume, foreign countries have developed a series of FB9 higher performance of the magnet.

China power tool industry from the beginning of 1942 to imitate the development, after more than half a century of hard process has made remarkable achievements. China has become the world's power production and export of electric power tools, more than 85% of the total domestic production for export. Electric tool to the miniaturization, low noise and anti electromagnetic interference, and constantly develop new structure of the motor, the use of new magnets, etc.. The world's first electric tool - BOSCH, the development of new rechargeable electric tools, the use of magnets for the stator, so as to achieve the requirements of miniaturization and energy saving. Due to the high temperature requirements of the magnet environment, the current use of the magnet ferrite permanent magnet accounted for 89%, 11% of the magnet. With the improvement of the performance of Nd Fe B magnets, the proportion will be further increased.