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Development of magnetic materials industry

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In the past, Chinese magnetic industry in a sustained development, and achieved remarkable results. But at the same time, the market environment is changing, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, the industry development has been a severe test.

In 2009 the domestic material industry still maintains a moderate growth, the completion of the annual sales income of about 35 billion yuan of industrial products.

Looking to the future, the magnetic components industry opportunities and challenges coexist, in general, the opportunities outweigh the challenges. In the face of global economic uncertainties and impact on the pattern of domestic magnetic industry may bring, how to cope with the globalization of the market competition, the sustainable development of the magnetic material industry in China, we need careful analysis and consideration.

(a) development opportunities and conditions

1, China has 1.3 billion people, has a huge application market support, and is worthy of the name of the magnetic materials manufacturing center, to have the confidence and determination to do magnetic power, which is the direction of our efforts.

2, China magnetic material core enterprise has been formed, whose output is the first in the world, the enterprise strength has been enhanced.

3. China has a number of the world's largest magnetic professional research team, in addition to professional research institute, as well as more than 20 colleges and universities opened magnetic or related major, early backbone enterprises also exercise the number of professional production personnel.

4, enterprise product quality continues to improve, the application is further expanded to the upscale area. The proportion of high performance products increased year by year.

5, China's magnetic materials manufacturing equipment automation degree, efficiency is improved, the degree of localization is more and more high; equipment operation humanization, improve the reliability and stability of the operation is the development direction.

6, China is rich in raw material resources, foreign magnetic materials and components companies have been transferred to China and other developing countries, to promote the overall strength of China's magnetic materials.

7, emerging applications development and rapid development, such as the development of automotive electronics, lednb, LEDTV, LED lighting, EMC, 3C network, smart grid, energy saving and emission reduction, wind and solar power, electric cars and other emerging markets for the development of magnetic materials industry in China to provide more new opportunities for development.

(two) risks and challenges

1, production costs continue to rise

Since 2007, raw material prices have risen sharply, labor costs are also rising: coupled with rising energy prices and tight supply, resulting in rising total production costs, to the magnetic material production enterprises caused great difficulties.

2, the current international financial and economic crisis led to the short-term cooling of China's magnetic material industry

Due to the financial crisis, the deterioration of the international economic situation, the domestic property market and the stock market crash, the economic downturn, severe domestic and international economic situation has inhibited the development of China's magnetic material industry.

3, the global market competition is more intense

China magnetic materials industry is an open industry, foreign companies continue to enter, to the advantage of technology and equipment, low cost of production, increased competition in the domestic market.

4, labor force, personnel mobility to strengthen the stable development of enterprises.

5, the continued appreciation of the RMB to export enterprises to bring the risk of exchange rate.

6, the supply of raw materials, the risk of fluctuations in the upstream and downstream industries.

Inadequate supply, price or quality of raw materials and other factors, the impact of the production of magnetic materials, production costs. On the other hand, the development of the magnetic material industry is affected by the international and domestic market, which has a great influence on the fluctuation of the downstream industry.

7, product technical risk

Enterprises are faced with the decline in product technology, upgrading and speed up the loss of core technology and enterprise risk.

8, magnetic industry enterprises to deal with measures

Enterprise soft power construction of soft power in deciding the future, enterprises should be in the organization model, behavior norms, values, scientific management, innovation ability, corporate culture, brand strategy, corporate social credibility, external environment harmony index constitute the impact on enterprise development, long-term, fundamental and strategic elements. Strengthen independent innovation, the implementation of intellectual property strategy: to strengthen personnel training, enhance industrial development potential; enterprise (production, management, management) standardization, capital socialization, product differentiation, technology patent.

Enterprise products adjust production structure adjust product structure and marketing mode (the product characteristics, the period of payment), the elimination of backward production capacity, improve the efficiency of enterprise. At present, the comparative advantage of domestic magnetic materials and device industry and international competition is still in the manufacturing process, brand, technical aspects of the formation of the overall breakthrough. Pay close attention to the 4C fusion, 3G communications, a new generation of Internet, networking, digital consumer (smart phones, smart TV, electronic entertainment, etc.), energy saving, green lighting, new energy, automotive electronics, led, EMC and product upgrading of strategic opportunities, the strategic layout of the strategic, forward-looking, to achieve a breakthrough in the emerging field of product application.

Enterprise development mode transformation of the development pattern of China magnetic materials and devices industry as a whole is extensive of, pursuit of the scale of production capacity, simple to investment driven development, and with low cost for the industry development of the competitive weapon. The drawbacks of this model in the past two years have been gradually presented. The medium and long term development of the industry must shift to the technology driven by independent innovation as the core and the industrial development model driven by domestic demand. Independent innovation ability to enhance the growth of domestic demand will be the industry's long-term development of the two fundamental driving force.