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Market capacity analysis

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In permanent magnetic materials, a large family, although permanent magnet ferrite magnetic properties with low, but due to the abundant raw materials, the lowest cost average unit selling prices and magnetic energy product, the process is simple and mature and don't exist oxidation, in the DC motor, start motor, air gap magnetic connector, audio converter, separator, ceiling holding devices such as many applications is still the ideal preferred permanent magnetic materials, so the world permanent ferrite magnets in the 1950s mass production since, the momentum of rapid development, is expected to in the future a longer period of time, it is still the most widely used and demand maximum permanent magnetic materials.

In today's world of permanent magnetic ferrite production has two notable features: one is the Asian region more prominent the center, headquarters of the status and performance in in addition to the original permanent ferrite body Kingdom, Japan remained the original production scale (including overseas factories in the production of, other Asian countries and regions have rapid development; the second is the shift of production to developing countries, in the original permanent ferrite production big country to overseas development, in developing countries the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises and China, India, Malaysia and other countries of the rapid development of production. World permanent magnetic ferrite production growth from 16.4 million tons in 1985 to 50 million tons in 2000, which Japanese production by 7.2 million tons reduced to 4.6 million tons, is the only negative growth in countries, Europe and the United States in the region showed a slight increase trend; the rapid development of Southeast Asia, with a yearly increase of 1.6%, 17.9% in our country after, accounting for about two-thirds of the world's total production in Asia. It is obvious that the production center of the world's permanent magnet has shifted to the developing countries.

From the market capacity of view, the world's permanent magnet ferrite from 700 thousand tons in 2006 increased by about 820 thousand tons in 2008. Annual growth rate of 8.23%. With full in the economy gradually recovers, automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances, computer, communication products demand will gradually increase, as the terminal consumer goods an important part of the motor is part of the permanent magnetic ferrite market capacity will maintain a steady growth, growth rate remained at about 7-9, 2012 global permanent ferrite market capacity will reach 1.05 million tons.