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Eight characteristics of permanent magnet

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For us, save time and effort to save money to the sale is the most desirable, of course, don't say this is cool thin or the money is too heavy, and so on, for the present society. That is the reality is an inevitable phenomenon. So, we should adapt to social this premise, to develop, for heavy permanent magnet eight characteristics of count is a product of the new century, for our life brought a lot of convenience.

1 suction lifting capacity

The double axis magnetic circuit structure is designed to match the strong permanent magnetic material, which makes it have a large unit area suction and magnetic field depth.

2 separate suction

Since heavy permanent magnets by magnetic rotation stepless adjustment of the size of magnetic field, the adjustment of the magnetic field is constant and reproducible, so as to realize the plate Fenzhang suction and discharge operation.

3 constant suction lifting capacity

For long time, there is no coil temperature rise, the suction force is reduced, and the lifting force is constant.

4 long service life

The magnetic field attenuation of permanent magnetic material is not more than ten in 5% years, which can be used for a long time.

5 safe and reliable

The magnetic field of the permanent magnet material is used for working, and the steady magnetic circuit can be formed when the suction lifting steel plate and the two state are closed, even if the power failure and the driving device are in trouble, the steel phenomenon will not occur.

6 energy saving

The magnetic field of the lifting permanent magnet is produced by the permanent magnetic material, which is not required to be electrically excited, and only a few electric energy is consumed when the drive shaft is rotated.

7 simple operation

The lifting permanent magnet does not have the hysteresis phenomenon, which is sensitive to the absorption and discharge of iron, and can control the local or remote control to facilitate the realization of automatic operation.

8 use and maintenance cost is low

During the use, only the drive device is required to be maintained and maintained, and the cost is very low. No need for coils, batteries and other costly replacement costs