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Working principle of lifting permanent magnet

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Before that permanent magnet magnetic, under normal circumstances will not disappear, but when we learned, in things unexpectedly found permanent magnet on the reuse, so many people don't understand that what is going on in this process as long as the pressure on the switch has great magnetic force of magnetic release disappeared, that thing and no electricity is how to do?? Below with the lifting of the permanent magnet small series to understand under it:

We all know that a molecule, the molecules of the general is relatively messy, no rules in doing sports, the electrons in these molecules is negative point and proton is with punctuality, so molecular electronic is irregular movement, so all directions of motion, then it is not electrically. In fact, the working principle of the permanent magnet is the use of the electromagnetic induction principle of Faraday to make. Internal use of high performance permanent magnetic materials of neodymium, borax, can produce a strong suction in the magnetic circuit, the turnover handle change the magnetic field lines so that the permanent magnet at work or off state permanent magnet in the work of the state, permanent magnet at the bottom of the ceiling surface constitute a pair of longitudinal magnetic very, iron material of the workpiece firmly suck. A row of NdFeB permanent magnet, the singular is magnetic, dual for a 180 degree rotation of the moving magnet.

At work: the working surface polarity ==N+N+N+N+N+N+N+N+N+N

When not working: working surface polarity ==N+S+N+S+N+S+N+S+N+S

Iron molecules under the action of the magnets, these molecules will rule the arrangement and the arrangement of the electrons and protons will change, and then will be a direction of motion, then this time will be produced electricity and magnet opposite, so we all know that opposites attract, the magnet will be to attract iron material.

The handle, in order to make even a 180 degree rotation. And as long as the sucked objects, and a certain thickness, to ensure that no magnetic saturation, the rotation of the lever is no need to expend much force if no-load pole below the guide magnetic material), the human cannot the of magnetic circuit switching.