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International top grade market

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Current global magnet of magnetic materials production mainly concentrated in Asia, Japan to high-grade magnet as the main body; China to low magnet as the main body, and integral part of high-grade products market; other Southeast Asian countries Segmentation some low-grade products market.

Because China has a good machine configuration market and investment environment, accelerate the transfer of Japan, Europe and the United States ferrite magnet manufacturing to china. It is estimated that by 2010 China's ferrite magnet production will account for more than 60% of the global output, 80% of the world's total neodymium iron boron magnetic. China currently has 1096 magnetic materials production enterprises, including 359 ferrite production enterprises, rare earth magnet and metal magnet production enterprise 226, and the rest for supporting equipment manufacturers and auxiliary raw materials production enterprises. Permanent magnetic ferrite production enterprises 197. The yield is 41 million tons (36 million tons of sintered magnet, bonded magnet 5 million tons), 162 soft magnetic ferrite production enterprise, production of 30 million tons (26 million tons of manganese, zinc and nickel, magnesium, zinc and 4 million tons), neodymium iron boron magnet 4 million tons, aluminum nickel and cobalt magnet 0.35 million tons.

China's Ferrite industry basically maintained at a rate of more than 20% growth, the average annual output of more than doubled every five years. In recent years, the yield and quality of ferrite magnets in China have greatly improved, which basically can produce all kinds of standard products of TDK company in Japan. The permanent magnet ferrite products used in the field of high technology accounted for 42%, such as appliances, 

microwave ovens, air-conditioning, small household electrical appliances, office supplies (copiers, fax machine, automobile, motorcycle, hi fi, instrument sensor. Traditional low-end products in the field of application accounted for 58%, such as speakers, adsorption magnets, toy motors, magnetic separation devices. Overall, the performance of China's ferrite magnets are in the middle and low for the majority, although the highest yield in the world, but the output is not ideal. Now 26.5 billion yuan of the total output value of China's magnetic materials, permanent magnet ferrite output value of 6.2 billion, soft magnetic ferrite production in 93 billion, the remaining SmCo magnet, nd iron boron magnetic and metallic magnets for market 110 billion yuan.

With the consumer products to the development of digital and high performance, the magnetic products put forward higher requirements, such as color TV high definition, digital, of soft magnetic ferrite power loss, permeability, frequency requirements are higher than those of the simulator. Digital video cameras, audio equipment, inverter air conditioner other also put forward higher requirements for high-grade magnetic materials. In addition, the development of automobile, communication, computer industry, also led to the development of high-grade magnetic materials.